Open Source UDT Software

The UDT software is a C++ library containing the UDT API implementation and programming examples. The most recent version is UDT version 4, including 3 separate packages: pure source code, GNU package, and pre-compiled WIN32/i386 version. All UDT releases can be downloaded from UDT SourceForge project web site.

Users may check out the most recent code from CVS directly. Note that although the code in CVS may contain recent bug fixes and code improvements, it may not be fully tested yet.

UDT supports Linux, Windows, OS X, and BSD.


Sector supports distributed data storage and sharing/distribution. It uses UDT for data transfer, including but not limited to data upload and download. Please find more information about Sector from here.

Community Contributions

The following open source software are contributed by UDT users (thanks!). Please contact us if you want to list your software here.

  • UDT-Java
    A Java implementation of the UDT protocol.
  • Barchart-UDT
    Barchart-UDT is a Java wrapper around native C++ UDT protocol implementation developed by Andrei Pozolotin and others at Barchart, Inc.
  • UDT-net
    .Net wrapper around the native UDT protocol library.
  • UDT Gateway System by Veniamin Konoplev
    UDT Gateway provides a method to tunnel data delivery between TCP and UDT.
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